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Too Much Rock

Sid at TooMuchRock has been a staple in the archival of our local punk scene, documenting countless shows over the years.


Just Joshin was out at the Roots and Radicals 2023 in Southern Missouri. Go check out some other bands from that festival here.

What the Fuck is Wrong With Me


Notes and Nerds is all about Nerd/Geek culture, and a love of live music. Bringing to you a plethora of topics that includes interviews, product reviews, unboxings, retro gaming, comic cons, and music festival coverage. This channel strives to remain "family friendly" to ensure we reach the broadest audience. we also believe that content should be fun, engaging, and "in the moment". The content on this channel is intended for mature and responsible viewers. That means that there will be times that our content may not be "age appropriate". Because of this, we strongly advise that parents should always be engaged with the content their children consume.

Back in the day, we got interviewed at a festival with our original drummer Savage at Rockstock 2018


ERIC AND DUSTIN from SLC Punk cast out of Utah has been producing podcasts of punk bands for years. Check out their stuff HERE!!!!

Episode 58 featuring great interview with Cody and CJ of The Uncouth. Also including songs from Face to Face, Sidewalk Celebrity, The Uncouth, The Raincoats, The Selecter, Main Street Saints, American Dischord, Method Man, and Red Line Chemistry. Dustin's picks (bands from Kansas City), which includes: Sidewalk Celebrity, The Uncouth, Main Street Saints, American Dischord, and Red Line Chemistry. Chris is playing a lesser known track from a band attributed as an influence, great ska cover to cover album, and playing Old School Rap tracks for guilty pleasures.

Episode 340, featuring an interview with Josh of Split Image. Also including tracks from Rank and Vile, Creeping Tide, Amusement, Cancer Christ, $idewalk ₵elebrity, Goldblade, The Bouncing Souls, Split Image, Enforced, and Lynch Mob. The episode is loaded with a bunch of music shared with us, play a holiday track, discussion of the upcoming live shows, great discussion with Josh about Split Image, and wrap up the show with some metal.

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